What is a Blueprint?

A blueprint allows you to set the order of your emails so that you have a structure within which you can place different pre-defined modules. This allows builders to create emails within a pre-approved structure.

Before creating blueprints you should create module categories. Blueprints are going to be made up of your module categories in a desired order. To create module categories simply find Module Categories in the module management menu. 

From here you can create a new category by giving it a name and clicking on Create. You will then be able to see the categories that you have created.

Now you can configure the order of your emails by creating blueprints. 

Access Blueprints

You can access the blueprints section from the dropdown next to your name just select "Blueprints".

From here you can create a new blueprint, see the blueprints that have already been created and edit blueprints.

How to configure Blueprints

To create a new blueprint simply click on the "Create New Blueprint" button.

You will then be able to create a new blueprint by assigning the module categories to the Blueprint Structure in the order that you would like the blueprint to be structured. When you're happy with the order simply give the blueprint a name and click Save.

Now users will be able to build an email using that blueprint from the home page:

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