Create a Snippet using Knak

An example of what we will make here is a footer snippet like this:

To build this out, start in Knak. Build out your desired Snippet using the Knak Builder. It will be simplest just to have one row of content for your snippet. Once you're happy with how your snippet looks in Knak download the HTML by going to 'Publish' and then 'Download':

Now we just need to get the code block that we need from the downloaded html. To do this you can open up the code in a text editor or web browser, search for "knak-block-0" and copy this div and it's contents.

Once you have this HTML copied you can use it to create a Snippet in Marketo. Here are some instructions on how to do that:

You will need to access the html of the rich text editor by clicking on the small html button. Once you are in the HTML Source Editor you can copy the code into there. 

Add a Snippet to a Knak Email

You can also add a Marketo Snippet to any Knak email.  

Sync your Knak email to Marketo and replace any section with a Marketo Snippet. 

To do this, simply select the section that you want to replace with the Marketo Snippet. This can be a populated or empty section.

Then, select your desired Snippet:

And voilà, your snippet is added into your email!

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