URL parameters allow you to capture information about a click on a particular link for purposes such as tracking, sorting and displaying dynamic content. 

The parameter part of a link URL is generally anything after a question mark ? in the URL string.


Knak helps with the process of adding URL parameters by allowing links to be edited on three levels:

  • On the individual link
  • On an entire email
  • For any email created under a specific brand

Adding URL parameters to an individual link in an email

Open the relevant email and navigate to the edit screen.
Select the link you want to add a URL parameter too.
You will see a content properties popup appear on the right side of the screen in which you can edit the link including adding a URL parameter.

Adding URL parameters to all links in an email

Open the relevant email and navigate to the edit screen.
At the bottom of the screen click on the three small white horizontal dots:

This will open open an Email Settings popup in which you can set a URL parameter which will be added to all links in the email you are working on:

Adding links via Link Review

Another way to edit all links in an email is to use Knak Link Review. This can be accessed via the edit email screen by clicking on 'Link Review' at the bottom of the page.

On the following screen you can edit each individual link including URL parameters.

Adding URL parameters to all emails created under a specific brand

You will need a user account with a permission level that allows you to access and edit brands. Contract your account administrator for more details.
On the left side of the screen navigate to Company Settings > Brands and select edit next the the relevant brand.

On the following screen scroll down to the Email Options section and enter your URL parameter. This will automatically be applied to any link in any email created under the brand.

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