Knak has been busy upgrading our system to give you a better user experience. As a result our email template library has moved to a new home within our Builder product.

This is going to allow you much greater flexibility to edit templates in ways that were not previously possible.

Within Builder templates are now known as themes.

How to build using a theme in Knak Builder

Select 'Theme' from the create email menu. 

On the following page select the brand you want to build the theme under. This will automatically add the brand attributes to the theme.

Next you can search for a theme using the search bar or just pick one from the display at the bottom of the screen

The theme will load in the Knak Builder editor. From here you can use the full functionality of Builder to edit the theme to suit your needs. This means any element of the theme can be changed or removed and new elements can also be added to create a truly custom email.

When your email is complete you can sync it over to your marketing automation platform using the seamless Knak integration. Just select Publish > Sync in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Need help building your themes or emails in Knak Builder?

Watch this instructional video:

Or schedule a training session with your customer success manager:

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