Have you heard the news? There are some exciting changes coming to your templates subscription.

At Knak, our goal is to help you get incredible emails to market quickly without ever needing to write a line of code. That’s why we’ve been busy upgrading our system to ensure the best possible user experience for our customers.

As a result, on November 14th, our template library will be moving to a new home within our Knak Builder product. 

What’s the difference, you ask? 

  • With Knak Builder, you’ll no longer be confined to rigid template designs and will have the ability to easily create and edit emails with our industry leading drag & drop email builder.
  • Moving forward, templates will be known as themes. You'll be able to add, delete and edit each theme, or build incredible emails from scratch in minutes - no coding! Pretty cool, huh? 
  • 😏

What does that mean for you?

  1. On November 14th, we’ll automatically upgrade your current templates subscription to a Knak Builder subscription - free of charge. When it’s time to renew your subscription, you’ll be eligible for a significant discount towards an annual Knak Builder subscription. 
  2. You’ll have until 11:59pm on November 13th to log in to your Knak account, and download any existing templates you want to keep from your current email library. 
  3. On November 14th all of the templates in Knak’s email template library will only be accessible as Themes 
  4. After November 14th, you will still be able to access your landing page templates, here’s how to find them.

So, now what?

  • To activate your NEW Knak Builder account, reach out to me, Felix.
  • Once your Builder account becomes active, check out this handy help article outlining everything you need to do - including how to go in and set-up your integration, how to build a brand and how to create an email using themes.
  • If you have questions or need assistance at any point, you can always reach out to me via email or book some time in my calendar. for a live training session.

“Once I experienced the difference between Templates vs. Builder, I was blown away! With Builder’s more advanced drag and drop features, I’m no longer limited to specific layout blocks. I can create my own designs or use one of the starter theme layouts. Making the switch has truly been a lifesaver for me!” - Kelli Abraham, CRM and Marketing Automation Associate, Nature’s Way Brands

Felix Higgs - Customer Success Manager
felix@knak.io Need a meeting? https://calendly.com/felix-knak/30min 

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