Knak has a library of landing page templates which you can use leverage as part of your Builder or Enterprise subscription.

Landing pages are fully compatible with Marketo & Eloqua. If you're using another marketing automation platform, please speak to Knak support to discuss your options.

To access landing pages click to drop down menu in the top right corner of the . Builder screen and switch to templates.

Setup landing page branding and integration

Before you create anything it's advisable to set up branding and your integration. Even if you have already done this in the email builder portion of your account you will need to do it again for landing pages. The same details can be copied across from where you have them in the email builder portion of your account.

To set up branding & an integration click your account name in the top right corner of the screen and select either branding or integrations from the drop down menu.

You can copy details for either item from the company settings area of your builder account.

How to create a new landing page

Select 'Create a landing page' and pick the page design you want to use from the template library.

Follow the onscreen prompts to add your company logo, primary colour, font, company info & social media details.
If you have these details already setup under a brand they will be added automatically.

When you have all details in place you can download the landing page or if you have your integration connected you can sync directly to your marketing automation platform.

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