Knak is rolling out a new email creation experience packed with new features, user experience updates and more.
Here is a list of the major changes.

Email building

  • Modules are now accessible in the main email editing page, no more switching between screens to add. Because of that, the option to build from modules has also been removed, you can do everything via building from a blank canvas.
  • When you drag a module into an email it will remain grouped as a single content block which can be moved around as one piece of content. You can break it apart using the 'Break module apart' button to edit and move individual pieces of content
  • Background images are now supported everywhere! Previously some email clients did not support background images
  • In multi-column layouts the width of the columns can now be adjusted to suit your needs for truly custom designs.
  • Hover states - when editing an image or button there is a new check box called 'highlight on hover' which you can use to add make the object change colour and become lighter when hovered over
  • All email details can be viewed and edited from the info tab in the new editing experience.

Approvals and comments (Enterprise only)

  • Both can be found under the collaborate tab in the new editing experience.
  • Under approvals you can see who has/has not approved the email including comments.
  • Comments is a new section in which anyone (not only approvers) can leave a comment or reply to an existing comment.

Module creation

  • Modules can be published from the same creation screen, no more going back to module management to do that.
  • ┬áModule rules can be added from the creation screen, (Enterprise only) no more going back to module management to do that.
  • You can place much more granular restrictions on how a module can be edited using custom editing restrictions on any piece of content in a module. (Enterprise only)

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