Below are the major updates that have changed in the new Knak editor.


The email building experience is now divided into three tabs:

  1. Info - View and set email details such as subject line & preview text.
  2. Create - All building tools brought together in one place.
  3. Collaborate - View comments (Builder & Enterprise) and approvers (Enterprise only)

All email navigation and admin controls have been moved to a new bar at the top of the screen for faster access.

You have the following options:

  • Edit email name
  • Preview
  • Delete
  • Clone
  • Save
  • Sync
  • Download html
  • Download HTML for Outlook (Enterprise only)
  • Send for approval (Enterprise only)


Modules - are now available directly in the email builder, no need to navigate to a different screen. Just drag in what you need.

A module that's inserted into an email will remain as a single piece of content that can be moved around as a complete item. You can break it apart to edit individual parts of the module.



  • Knak now has four rows you can drag into your email with 1-6 columns. You can resize the columns in any row that has more than one column to any width you need.



  • New options have been added to apply hover effects to images.
  • Image width on mobile - The percent width of the image will be the same on mobile and desktop. There is no longer an option to make an image full width on mobile.

Background images

  • Knak is using a new way of rendering background images that ensures they display properly in all devices and email clients.
  • There are now improved and expanded options to control how your background images display

Setting content area background color

  • In the new editor you can set a background color that can cover just the content area or select 'full width' to span the entire email.
  • You can also set an email background color and individual column background colors for even greater design flexibility.

Brands colors

  • You can now access your brand colors from any color picker in Knak. Easily add your most commonly used colors for faster building.

Responsive design

  • You can now control the order of multi-column stacking on mobile. Left to right is standard, you can reverse the to right to left.


  • In the new editor if you create a divider with a width that's less then the width of the email it will remain centered. You can use padding to push the divider to the left or right. 


(Enterprise only)

Knak has expanded the available options for setting editing restrictions. Click here for more details.

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