Knak emails are built by dragging rows into your message and populating the rows with content objects like buttons, images and text boxes.
Each row has customizable settings that control the row look & layout.

How to adjust row properties.

Let's take a look at a simple email design with one row and two columns.

If you click on either of the content objects (button or social media icons) you can see content editing options on the right of the screen for that object.

If you click to the right of all content objects you will bring up the 'Section attributes'
Here you can set row properties such as background colors, background images and row padding.
You can also set properties for individual columns with the row.

Below are the available row editing options.

Row Properties

Row background color

Row content color

Row backgroud image

Row padding

Row border

Column Properties

Set column background color, column border and individual column padding. In the screenshot below the left column (column 1) has a blue background, red border and 20px top padding.

Responsive options

For each row you can:

  • Hide the row on mobile or desktop
  • If it's a multi-column row choose if the columns will stack or not
  • Choose the order of stacking (left to right is standard, you can switch to right to left)

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