Watch this instructional video, or follow the written documentation below to manually bring a Knak landing page template into Marketo.

Important Note: When you look at the HTML file of your Knak template when you download it, it will look broken. This is normal. It needs to be brought into Marketo as a guided landing page template for it to render properly.

Step #1:

Download the HTML from Knak to your hard drive.

Step #2:

Login to Marketo and navigate to the Design Studio.

Step #3:

Select Templates under Landing Pages, and choose 'Import Template'.

Step #4:

Find your Knak HTML file on your hard drive, and select 'Guided' Editing Mode. Your template won't work unless you select Guided. 

Step #5:

Import your template and Approve it. You're all set! Congrats!

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