Once you have finished editing, press Save. You will be prompted to give your email a name.

Once you have saved, press the double-arrow menu and select Settings

In the settings window, you must fill out all the fields. You must select an Email Group, Email Header, Email Footer and Subject Line before Eloqua will permit you to preview, test or send your email.

Under Email Header and Email Footer select the blank header and footer that you set up earlier.

Once you have done this, you may then run a test by selecting Test Content…

Add an address to send the test to, select the HTML Email option and then press Perform Test. The panel in the bottom will update to show that the test has been sent. You can then press Close.

To preview in-browser, go to Preview…

Then you must select a sample recipient first. Start typing in the top-right corner until some results appear. Select one and then press Preview

You will then see a preview of your email. Switch between Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views at the top of the screen. When you are done, simply press Cancel.

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